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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

"As a parent of an Encore student, I have developed an abiding appreciation for theatre.  It's gratifying to witness the lifelong relationships my child has developed by being a part of this program."

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Meet the Director

Mrs. Lisa Vorreiter

Mrs. V has been teaching in Hillsborough County for 36 years.  Many of her former students have gone on to professional careers as actors, technicians and designers and can be found working across the world on cruise ships, in theme parks, in film and television, in regional theatres and on Broadway.   

In addition to teaching at Alonso High School, Mrs. Vorreiter is also on the Leadership Board for District 9 Thespians and is President of the Florida Association for Theatre Education. 

Alonso Theatre brings in a variety of professional artists to assist with shows and provide supplemental training for our students.  Designers, choreographers, musical directors, etc are brought in to help with our program.  In addition, working artists also present workshops in various elements of theatre.