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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Although we typically have auditions in the spring for the following school year, if you are NEW to Alonso and missed the auditions but would still like to be involved, please contact the director to schedule an appointment:  lisa.vorreiter@hcps.net


Encore is the production based class for theatre at Alonso HS. Encore produces all of the theatrical productions, competes in district and state level competitions, and has opportunities to workshop with professional actors and designers. THERE IS AN AFTER SCHOOL COMMITMENT required to be in this program. Students in this program are expected to participate in after school productions during the school year.

There will be several ways that students can be involved:

Encore Performance - students in this program are most interested in being on stage. Students will be expected to perform in various class productions and will have the opportunity to go to district and state level competitions.

Encore Technical - students in this program are most interested in working behind the scenes in a theatrical production. This could include lights, sound, costumes, makeup, stage management, etc.

Encore Plus! - students enrolled in this program are required to participate in ALL productions produced at Alonso in some capacity. Students in the “plus” program are also required to compete at district and state level competitions. Students in the “plus” program will participate in the Florida Theatre Conference and will audition for colleges and universities there. Students will also have the opportunity to prepare for college auditions in class.